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Congratulations to Nuoz on being awarded the title of "Science and Technology Backyard" in China

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July 2, 2022 - Congratulations to Nuozon being awarded the title of "Science and Technology Backyard" in China.

This honor is the 24th annual meeting of the Chinese Association for Science and
 Technology —— rural revitalization of science and technology to benefit farmers even (Xiaoxiang action) aims to: help rural revitalization

 Nuoz is not only a global supplier of organic Litsea cubeba extract but also brings a certain income to local people to drive rural development.

 Litseacubeba (Lour.) Pers. [L.citrataBlume], also known as pheasant pepper, is a plant of the Lauraceae family. The root and leaves are used as medicine. Lauraceae, wood ginger, deciduous shrubs or small trees.

Litsea cubeba history

Workers harvesting Litsea cubeba flowers

   Regarding Litsea cubeba, the earliest archaeological discovery was at the Hemudu cultural site. Many leaf remains of Lauraceae have been unearthed at the site, and related botanists, agronomists and archaeologists have done a lot of identification work from different angles, including the leaves of Litsea cubeba. In addition, at the Nanyue Palace Garden Site in Guangzhou, one Litsea cubeba seed was floated from the Shiqu Canal site, and then four Litsea cubeba seeds were found in the J264 well site at the Palace Garden site, which is the same as today. It can be seen that at least 7,000 years ago, the plant Litsea cubeba existed in southern my country, and it was not an imported product.

Workers are selecting Litsea cubeba fruit after harvesting

According to the records on page 730 of Medicine. Sanitation, Volume 8 of Yiyang District Chronicle, Litsea cubeba is rich in resources in the Yiyang Mountains.


In the magical land of Ziyang, the seeds of Litsea cubeba buried in the ground many years ago will naturally sprout and grow after being nourished by sunlight and rain, so this is also the natural source bank of Litsea cubeba.

Economic benefits and cultural spirit of Litsea cubeba

Workers are selecting Litsea cubeba fruit after harvesting.

Litsea cubeba is a dioecious plant, and the male flowers are pollinated and the essential oils are picked and extracted. This selfless contribution spirit is also where we learn. After the female flowers are pollinated, Litsea cubeba is harvested.


In the past, when the hardest "double robbing" in our Yiyang countryside ended, it was also when Litsea cubeba was mature. In order to subsidize the family, the villagers did not care about the heat and fatigue. Quickly, he can pick one or two snakeskin bags every day, and after a hard day's work, the income can reach hundreds of yuan.


After planting in the Nuoze base, local farmers can pick 80-120 catties of Litsea cubeba fresh fruit every day, and the daily income can reach 140-210 yuan. Isn't this the blessing of Litsea cubeba and farmers? It is also the way for Nuozer Bio to help rural revitalization, and it is also in line with the development policy of "Strengthen the Industry, Become Richer for Farmers, and Make the Environment Beautiful" of "Nooz Bio Park"!

Litsea cubeba industrial development strategy

Litsea cubeba is included in the 2020 edition of the "Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China", as well as the "Catalogue of Food Additives", "Catalogue of Cosmetic Raw Materials" and "Catalogue of Feed Additives" in China, the European Union, and the United States. The development of the whole industry chain that can be made up, fed, and rewarded.

Nuoz Bio

In the current economic environment, this honor is the recognition and support of the state, governments at all levels, and experts to our Nova Bio-industry development plan. Nuozer Bio will continue to uphold integrity and innovation, uphold the core corporate culture of integrity and altruism, and implement the aromatic traditional Chinese medicine industry in the countryside, drive rural revitalization, and make villagers rich, and earnestly implement the strategy of "lucid waters and lush mountains". Spread the seeds of the aromatic Chinese medicine industry all over the world in the name of love!

Nuoz Bio

To be a family has temperature, width,Deep enterprise!

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