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Planting rosemary, reaping lots of love

Publish Time: 2021-11-17 Views: 143


Professor Dess of the Agricultural University of Calcutta, India, calculated the ecological value of a tree:

A 50-year-old tree, calculated cumulatively, is worth about US$31,200 to produce oxygen; it is worth about US$62,500 to absorb harmful gases and prevent air pollution; it is worth about US$31,200 to increase soil fertility; it is worth US$37,500 for water conservation; for birds and others Animals provide breeding grounds worth US$31,250; protein produced is worth US$2,500, creating a total value of approximately US$196,000.

Just a tree, its value is so great, if it is a whole forest, how much great value should it bring! Facing global warming, land desertification, endangered species... tree planting is imperative! Energy saving and environmental protection, planting trees and afforestation, start with planting a rosemary!

Plant a tree and reap ten thousand points of green!


Winter is coming soon, and the green rosemary is just in time for harvest.

Look! The organic rosemary planting base of Hunan Nuoze Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a busy scene with workers coming and going in a hurry.

The editor feels that what they harvest is not only a plant of rosemary, but also a hope for better and better life in the future, but also a good blessing, but also a hope to protect Mother Earth.

Come on, follow in the footsteps of the editor, take you into the organic rosemary base of Nozze, and appreciate the beauty of our organic ecological planting in Yiyang, go!


Introduction to Base


Beginning in 2017, Nuoz Biological has piloted organic planting of Chinese medicinal materials in Xinsheng Village, Xinqiaohe Town, Ziyang District, Yiyang City, and independently developed and built organic planting bases of rosemary, Centella asiatica and Litsea cubeba.

In more than three years, the original barren mountains and wasteland have gradually developed into a green rosemary, Centella asiatica, and Litsea cubeba organic planting base.

Walking on the small road in the country, you can smell the fragrance of rosemary from a distance, which is really refreshing and makes people linger.

At present, more than 700 acres of rosemary has been developed and planted with Xinsheng Village, Xinqiaohe Town as the center, and more than 80 farmers have become rich.




Litsea cubeba



Base Qualification

Nuoz is serious about organic farming.

Beginning in 2015, Mr. Liu Zhimou, Chairman of Nuoz, began to lead and arrange related colleagues to investigate the rosemary varieties suitable for cultivation in Hunan, and to select certification agencies. From France, Spain, Switzerland, the United States, Japan, Singapore to China's Henan, Hainan, Hunan and other regions, select the most suitable rosemary varieties for organic planting in Hunan. We cooperated with Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie China Co., Ltd., a global third-party professional organic certification organization, and passed through various assessments and audits, and finally passed the certification and obtained the EU organic certification, providing healthy raw materials for the world. 

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