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Introduction of Quality Department

"Quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise." Since its inception, Nuoz has taken "Technology creats the value, Profession guarantees the quality" as its core Enterprise management policy.At the beginning of the establishment of the company, a quality management department was established. This department is mainly responsible for the establishment of the company's product quality management system, product standard management, process supervision, inspection and determination of semi-finished products and finished products, raw and auxiliary materials and products between processes, physical and chemical inspections, microbiological inspections, high performance liquid chromatography analytical inspections, gas chromatography Analysis and inspection, etc., ensure that each batch of products manufactured by Nuoz meets the national standards and the relevant requirements of customers 100%, which benefits human health.

At present, the inspectors in the department are all with college degree or above and hold relevant inspection certificates, such as chemical inspectors, food inspectors, microbial fermentation workers, etc. Under the leadership of the department head, the pass rate of products inspected reaches NLT98%.

All members of the Quality Management Department strictly fulfill their responsibilities and obligations as a quality inspector. Under the leadership of the company, they have established a strict quality assurance and quality service tracking system, scientifically and effectively learn advanced quality management methods, and continuously improve themselves. Meet the diversified and diversified quality inspection needs of customers.

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