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Mula nang itatag ito, ang Nuoz Biotech ay palaging sumusunod sa pangunahing kultura ng korporasyon ng "integridad at altruismo"

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Since its establishment, Nuoz Biotech has always adhered to the core corporate culture of "integrity and altruism". "Becoming a grateful person" is the first thing that Nuoz people need to know. daily learning and recitation encourages and guides us to move forward with gratitude. , give back to the society, the country, and the gifts of nature.

Love school uniform warms 120 childlike hearts

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                                                                                                                                   Picture: Site of the donation ceremony

On the morning of November 25th, the sun was shining and the sky was high and the sky was light. the campus of the Yamada Elementary School in Zhangjiasai Township was full of cheers and laughter. donation ceremony. Zhang Jinlong, Chairman of the Ziyang District CPPCC, Zeng Yong, Vice Chairman of the Ziyang District CPPCC and Chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, Liu Zhimou, Chairman of Hunan Nuoze Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Liu Jianxiu, Executive Director of Hunan Linyi Construction Labor Service Co., Ltd., and Guo Can, Deputy Township Head of Zhangjiasai Township , Jinshan Village cadre Liu Jiancai attended the donation 


Picture: Zeng Yong, vice chairman of the CPPCC of Ziyang District and chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, awarded a plaque to Hunan Nuoz Biotech


At the donation ceremony, Liu Zhimou, the chairman of Hunan Nuoz Biotech issued a message: I hope that the children will study hard, make progress every day, enrich themselves with knowledge, change their destiny, change their lives, and grow up to be bright in their eyes and love in their hearts. , People who embrace ideals, contribute to the construction of their hometown, and add luster to the development of the motherland.

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  Picture: A group photo of some people participating in the donation ceremony


After the event, the principal of Yamada Elementary School said that the significance of this donation is far more than material help, but more importantly, it encourages and spurs the whole school’s teachers and students spiritually. The school will use this event as an opportunity to continuously strengthen students. Ideological and moral education, sow the seeds of love in their young hearts, guide them to continue their love and responsibility, and be a warm person.


Love sweeps away the hearts of passersby


Picture: Determining the work target before cleaning


At noon on November 30th, 2021, bathed in the warm sunshine of winter, 23 volunteers from Nuoz Biotech organized a concerted effort to clean up external roads, bus stations, and flower platforms. after 1 hour of cleaning, this event was successfully completed ✌✌


Helping and being grateful-it is what Nuoz people will do all their lives

After the event, all the volunteers sat around and exchanged their experience. They all expressed that they like this meaningful charity event, feel the power of the team, work together with the goal, and are willing to dedicate their own strength to help. Sanitation workers, passers-by, and bus riders will clean up, so that people who walk along this road will feel comfortable and safe, thereby promoting social harmony and beauty.


              Picture: Sweeping experience exchange meeting


"One person may go fast, but a group of people can go further." In this exchange of experiences, the volunteers summarized the good and bad aspects, as well as the areas that need to be improved in the later period. The volunteers summarized 3 and shared:


Mr. Wen said: Originally it was repelling to sweep down the fallen leaves on the flower stand, but only after sweeping it was discovered that there were a lot of plants buried under the fallen leaves. appearance, see the essence, can do the work better!


Mr. Wen said: Originally it was repelling to sweep down the fallen leaves on the flower stand, but only after sweeping it was discovered that there were a lot of plants buried under the fallen leaves. appearance, see the essence, can do the work better!


Mr. Liu said: Through this activity, first, each of our groups needs to write their own cleaning process as a standard cleaning method, and then carry out continuous verification and improvement; second, we need to sort the garbage in the later stage, place and use it reasonably. The cleaned garbage will cause secondary pollution. Mr. Lin added: The classification of garbage should also be applied to our daily cleaning.

At the end of the meeting, we carried out the content planning for the next phase of the public welfare sweeping activity, that is, sweeping the roads around the company. We must summarize the sweeping methods, hold this event forever, and improve the surrounding environment.

At the same time, the second phase of the self-recommended activity was carried out to organize the host. It is hoped that the Nuozer people can truly get out of the comfort zone. Everyone can challenge themselves to contribute their own strength to the company, to the family, and to the society. 'S life is even more brilliant.


Picture: On Double Ninth Festival, ginseng free of pesticide residues was presented to express love to employees' parents



Picture: Party building day, condolences to old party members


Thanksgiving, we can go far. Nuoz is willing to join hands with you and me to build a brilliant and harmonious society together!